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Analysis of two different types and characteristics of program-controlled switches
The Author:IKE  Visitors:582  Time:2018-05-29

There are two different types of program-controlled switches, digital and analog. So what are the different characteristics of these two types? Now we come to a concrete analysis!

Most program-controlled switches that people use at this stage are IP program-controlled switches, as well as soft-switching devices for pure IP phones, that is, servers. From the point of view of exchange, there are differences between digital and analog telephone program-controlled exchanges. The former is a time-division exchange, and the latter is a space-division exchange.

In other words, the former uses a non-blocking exchange, while the latter may impose restrictions on the cord. For example, the analog program-controlled switch has 16 internal circuits, that is, it can simultaneously talk 16 channels. If it exceeds 16 lines, the user cannot make a call. Digital program-controlled switches do not have such problems.

Analog telephone switchboards generally have poor quality calls and are likely to be interfered with by the outside world. They also have less functionality and limited transmission distance. If at the current stage 128 extensions, some of the domestic program control exchanges are analog. Some enterprises use digital program-controlled switches. For example, imported equipment and operators use digital telephone program-controlled switches. The advantages of analog telephone program-controlled switches are that they are inexpensive.

 The digital program-controlled switchboard opportunities are provided by digital extension interfaces and can also simulate the extension interface to meet most user requirements. For the IP program-controlled switch, when the user is in the wiring, only one network cable is needed, and the other one of the phones needs to be connected to the computer, and the cost of the user's wiring and the maintenance cost are effectively saved.


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