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What are the headaches for on-site debugging of program-controlled telephone switches?
The Author:IKE  Visitors:496  Time:2018-05-29

Although the program-controlled telephone exchange industry has developed to the present day, although there have been many technological breakthroughs, the chaos on the market is also emerging. It is said that progress is always accompanied by the development of malpractices. It is inevitable that, like the program-controlled telephone exchange industry, market service chaos has brought great troubles to service personnel, and some of them directly affect the user's corporate profits.

The following are the problems encountered by our technical service personnel in the actual work, which are summarized as follows:

1. Customers moving new office space

2. Customers using the legacy lines of the previous family

3, "stunned" users

Now and everyone carefully analyze the above three conditions

In the first case, the new office space (mainly for offices under a few hundred square meters, a large area will have a formal drawing plan, generally there is no big problem), it is best not to make do: can be part of these live wiring To the decoration done, but this size of the decoration team is not proficient in telephone wiring these, (the network is okay, wireless is relatively mature, big deal to buy a few wireless network card) most take two core white telephone line to pull On the other hand, the owners still liked it and saved some of the expenses. However, they did not think that the problem has come: There is no line mark. What should I do? Dedicated phone requires four wires, what should I do? The front desk needs two or more switchboards. What should I do? Renovation of the weak electric well can not lead in, how to do? The line pipe is full of lines and no redundancy, what should I do? A bunch of deadly problems came. . . . Renovation is no longer possible, but the telephone is indeed too important, because the current business in addition to the network is the phone, missed a call, the loss is not just the above, I believe that doing business better than anyone else.


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