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What is a program-controlled telephone exchange? What are the functional advantages?
The Author:IKE  Visitors:534  Time:2018-05-29

Whether in life or work, the telephone is the most basic communication tool, and it is closely related to our daily communication, especially the corporate office is indispensable. In order to make internal and external calls within the company more convenient, a full-featured telephone control device is needed to improve the working efficiency of the telephone. Because of this, a program-controlled telephone exchange was born. The use of program-controlled telephone switches can greatly increase the efficiency of telephone use, not only brings convenience, but also can save a lot of telephone charges. What advantages does the use of program-controlled telephone switches have in the end? First of all, we first understand the definition of program-controlled telephone switches.

Program-controlled telephone exchanges, as the name suggests, are telephone switches that are controlled by stored procedures, and are also called program-controlled digital switches or digital program-controlled switches. Usually referred to as switching equipment for the telephone switching network, it is a telephone exchange that uses modern computer technology to complete control, connection, and other tasks.

Program-controlled telephone exchanges are very convenient to use. If there are many departments in the enterprise, it is necessary to install such equipment. When these telephone exchanges enter the outside line, they can be set to computer duty or manual duty, but Program-controlled switches of different brands will have subtle differences. The specific operation method needs to look at the product's instruction manual.


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