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SMEs may start a new chapter in the development of converged communications
The Author:IKE  Visitors:553  Time:2018-05-29

With the advancement of enterprise information, communication tools such as corporate mailboxes, teleconferences, and instant messaging tools are increasingly becoming the backbone of enterprise communication and boosting the rapid development of the enterprise. With the diversification of enterprise communication methods and tools, integrating various methods to save communication costs becomes a real demand. "Converged communication" is born to meet this converged communication demand.

The analysis of the "2014-2018 China Convergence Communication (UC) Industry Development Prospects Forecasting and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report" released by the Industry Research Institute of Forward-looking Industry shows that large enterprises have earlier understanding and practice of converged communication, and so far Large enterprises with large-scale IT departments have almost all systems that have partially or fully integrated communication functions. After being favored by large enterprises, converged communication systems are now entering the SME market.

According to the "SMEs Communication Demand Report" published by AMT Consulting, the loss caused by SMEs due to poor communication is about 1.3 billion yuan each day. Such a huge number has greatly touched the nerves of SMEs, making SMEs pay more attention to investment in communication integration, including IP voice technology, online conference technologies supporting voice, web pages, and video, and integration of voice and data information. Messages and other functions.

In addition, due to fierce competition in the market of small and medium-sized enterprises, it is difficult to form a unique situation. SMEs hope to adopt more advanced communication tools to improve internal work efficiency and win more market competitiveness for them. At the same time, the wave of "cloud computing" spurred by the industry in recent years has brought about a turning point for the popularity of converged communications in the SME market.

According to statistics, at present, there are nearly 50 million SMEs in China, accounting for more than 95% of the total number of enterprises. If we can fully tap this market, the potential of the integrated communications market is considerable.

However, due to the relatively high cost of constructing converged communications, most converged communications companies have focused their markets on large industries or large enterprises, while the demanding cost of SMEs has made most converged communications vendors fall into the cost predicament of SMEs converged communications. . A few years ago, malls such as Cisco, Avaya, and Microsoft all launched solutions for Chinese SMEs. However, due to the complexity of the programs and high costs, they have not been widely used in SMEs.

The analysis of the research report of the forward-looking network convergence communications industry shows that SMEs mainly have the characteristics of less investment in information construction, poor basic network environment, lack of IT talents of sufficient size, and more emphasis on work efficiency in terms of communications. The converged communications products of small and medium-sized enterprises can only realize the purpose and role of the converged communications of small and medium-sized enterprises if they meet the characteristics of small and medium-sized enterprises.

At this point, domestic domestic manufacturers may have more advantages. Based on a deeper understanding of the domestic SMEs' communication situation and needs, the products and solutions of local manufacturers are more practical and adaptable. Therefore, if local companies in the future can break through industry difficulties, they are expected to become the largest beneficiaries of the SMEs' converged communications market.

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