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Under what circumstances should use the program-controlled telephone exchange?
The Author:IKE  Visitors:492  Time:2018-05-02

1) One of the benefits of installing a telephone exchange ------ Offices share an outside line

A telephone exchange can allocate one or two outside lines to dozens or dozens of employees (or departments or departments). For each employee of your company, arrange a part of the machine. When the outside line enters, you first hear “Hello, please call xx company, please dial the extension number, check the number please dial 0” for processing the information. They will be able to save money and save manpower. At the same time, the outsiders will also contact the person to be contacted as quickly as possible. However, this is only shared by gaps and shared at the same time (for example, Ethernet switches are shared, and multiple computers share bandwidth, which is like a highway, where each car runs on its own). Some users think that they have installed a telephone exchange: One or two outside lines can make the extensions of each telephone exchange dial the outside line at the same time. In fact, this is a wrong understanding. Only when your outside line is not used or when there are many external lines or gaps outside the line, other extensions can dial out the outside line. There is no limit between the interiors. 2) Benefits of installing a PBX switch ------ Management functions

Telephone exchanges can be restricted. Some departments allow long distance calls. Some departments allow local calls. Some departments only allow internal calls. They can also manage the detailed billing lists of various offices.

3) Benefits of installing a program-controlled telephone switch

Free calls within the extension, no need to pay telephone charges, no monthly fees, no promised calls.

4) The advantages of installing program-controlled switches

Outside calls can be made through extensions without having employees run around to answer the phone or find someone to answer the phone.


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