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Can all extensions play outside at the same time after installing the PBX?
The Author:IKE  Visitors:475  Time:2018-05-11

Many customers who purchased the group's telephone exchanges often ask our customer service: “Whether all extensions can use the outside line at the same time after installing the PBX switch.” For this question, the customer must have no accurate knowledge and understanding of the PBX. The Xiaobian of communication gave everyone a chance to read why customers have such an illusion.

The main reasons for the above illusion are as follows:

1. The customer mistakenly confused the PBX with the network switch! Users install a network switch to allow all the company's computers to access the Internet through the network switch, the network switch is about bandwidth, such as: 1M, 1.5M, 2M, 8M, 10M ..... and so on. Network switches are shared, many Taiwan's computer sharing of bandwidth is like an expressway, where every car has its own way. The telephone exchanges are not the same. All extensions can dial out the outside line only when there is a gap in the outside line. There is no restriction between the interiors. If there is only one outside line in the call (is a simulated ordinary telephone line), the "This user is in a call" tone will appear when you call again.

2, there are customers often see other companies, only one number was announced externally, but at the same time several or dozens of individuals can score! This situation is very common in daily life, such as 114,110,10000,95588. . . . . Such as: There are hotels such as hotel booking hotline and so on. . . . Many of these form numbers. In fact, it is in the operator such as: Telecom, China Unicom or Railcom, opened the "trunk" function.

Even though the Group's telephone exchanges already have dozens of development history in China, new users will continue to emerge. New users will always be accompanied by various questions when installing the PBX. In fact, this is normal and new users are resolved. Questions can be.


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